It's thirty years since Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito's classic movie Twins first premiered, and while there has been talk of a sequel for some time, we've finally got some more details. Called Triplets, it will see the lads discover they have another brother and now it has been revealed who that will be.

It's Eddie Murphy!

There has been rumours that Murphy would be attached to the project but Schwarzenegger confirmed it to Deadline over the weekend as well as revealing that the script is now finished.

"Funny thing that happens in the mixing of the sperm," Schwarzenegger said about the upcoming comedy, which has been talked about since 2012.

The cult classic was a huge success back in 1988 earning Schwarzenegger and DeVito the biggest paychecks of their movie careers.

It may be a while until we get to see it, however, with Schwarzenegger also recently announcing that Terminator 6 will begin shooting in June.