Twilight actress Ashley Greene has just been offered a career making lead role in Scream 4, while offers are also out to Heroes star Hayden Panettiere and Rory Culkin.

The casting, or offers of casting, indicates that the core cast members will definitely be younger - something that has been hinted at in the past by Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson. The plot is being kept tightly under wraps, but it's thought if Greene signs on, she would play Neve Campbell's cousin, and be the film's star. Culkin is someone who fancies her, while Panettiere would be a hot film geek (why can't any of THEM try to add me on Facebook).

All of the above would be stupid not to take the roles; the originals made stars out of its core cast. If they'd followed it up with better choices, they'd still be huge now. Production is due to begin in the next few weeks.