Hugh Jackman hung up his claws as Wolverine with the 2017 film ‘Logan’, his ninth and final outing as the 'X-Men' character. His career has continued to flourish since saying goodbye, especially with the phenomenal box office success of ‘The Greatest Showman’, released last Christmas. As it turns out, there was a reference in the form of an Easter egg to his famous superhero role in the musical movie.

The director of ‘Logan’, James Mangold, served as an executive producer on ‘The Greatest Showman’ and in the closing credits featuring his name, there was a reference to the Wolverine character he gave a swansong to.

At first look, a screenshot of said credit reveals little:

However an eagle eyed Reddit user named irie_feeling spotted and shared a close-up image of the illustrated corner of the credit, revealing Wolverine (aka Logan) in his iconic pose of the claws out and arms crossed. His face resembles, pointedly and cleverly, an Easter egg.