James McAvoy, who starred opposite Saoirse Ronan in the film 'Atonement', talked about the Irish actress on Stephen Colbert's 'The Tonight Show' last night.

As many viewers know, McAvoy stars in the upcoming film 'Glass'. The M. Night Shyamalan directed-flick sees him reprise his 2016 'Split' role of Kevin Wendell Crumb aka 'The Horde.'

Kevin suffers from DID and has 24 distinct personalities.

One of those personalities was inspired by our Saoirse.

"I wouldn't say the character is based on her," McAvoy explained. "Her voice is based on my memory of Saoirse's when she was eleven. Not how she sounds now and probably not how she sounded then, but my memory of her voice then, which was high and sharp and full of life. She still is actually, to be fair."

While McAvoy didn't say exactly which personality Saoirse Ronan inspired, he previously said on 'The Graham Norton Show' that she was the basis for "one of the Irish twins." 'Mary Reynolds' makes an appearance in 'Glass' but not 'Split' so it is likely her.

You can watch the interview with Stephen Colbert below: