Alfonso Cuaron's 2013 film, Gravity, was hailed at its release for its breathtaking visuals and magnetic performance from both George Clooney and Sandra Bullock - as well as just how terrifying the whole thing was.

The idea of floating through space without a tether and with George Clooney screaming in your ear (spoiler: which turns out to be a hallucination) is pretty intense, and not for everyone of course. For scientists at NASA, however, there's another reason to dislike Gravity - the science is all wrong.

In a recent interview with BBC, the technicians, engineers and scientists at NASA were asked to talk about their favourite space movies and while the usual suspects were praised - The Martian, Ron Howard's Apollo 13, etc. - the 2013 space blockbuster was singled out as being pretty pants. In fact, speaking of pants, Allison McIntyre of NASA's mockup facility pointed out that Sandra Bullock's underwear was totally inaccurate.

"When she gets out of her space suit, she’s in cute little underwear. Where’s the diaper?!" Meanwhile, flight design analyst Caley Burke took issue with Bullock's ease of shifting between orbits throughout the movie, whilst heat shield specialist Tori Wells argued that "(everything) that could go wrong went terribly, terribly wrong. And that’s not exactly the feeling we want everybody to have about this industry."

On top of Gravity - another movie was singled out for criticism, and you can probably guess which one it is. Armageddon? Of course it's Armageddon. Now let's cross to Ben Affleck in the commentary of Armageddon discussing how Michael Bay told him to shut up about pointing out the inaccuracies of the film he was working.