It's amazing to think that of all the A-listers that our Graham has had on his red sofa over the years, only one has worked with Hollywood legend, and colourful character, Marlon Brando. That man is Matthew Broderick.

When Broderick was in his twenties, and not nicking roles from Michael J Fox, the pair appeared alongside each other in Andrew Bergman's 1990 movie 'The Freshman'. In the crime/comedy film Brando basically parodies his own performance as Vito Corleone in 'The Godfather'.

Brando was notoriously eccentric and unreliable later in his career and Broderick was convinced that the 'Apocalypse Now' man wouldn't even show up. He was wrong. Brando made quite the entrance when he appeared four hours late. Broderick also gave a fascinating insight into Brando's use of an ear piece on set through which an assistant would feed him his lines.

And not content with working with one of the greatest actors of all time, he obviously also used the experience to hone this hilarious impression. Check it out here.


Occasional Donegal resident, and a feature of this super selfie story, Broderick will appear at the West End's Wyndham Theatre in 'The Starry Messenger' which opens next month and runs until August. He'll be joined by another legendary actor in the production, our very own Jim Norton who appeared in Father Ted.

Ferris Bueller and Bishop Brennan. Now there's an interesting mix.