It's something we can all relate to in life - having to grow up. No matter what stage of life we have all been in, there's most definitely been a handful of times when we've been called upon to act our age, not our shoe size.

And that theme of growing up or coming-of-age seems to be the crux of Disney and Pixar's latest animated effort. In the 'Turning Red' trailer which you can see below, one teenager is having a BEAST of a time adjusting to what life seems to be throwing at her.

Starring newcomer Rosalie Chiang as the voice of 13-year-old Mei Lee, the young character suddenly turns into a giant red panda one day at school after the appearance of her mother. Ming, voices by 'Killing Eve' and 'Grey's Anatomy' actor Sandra Oh, is a mother who seems to be a little bit overbearing on her daughter, unable to let her go about her school life without making a surprise appearance. Maybe Ming will have to do some growing up of her own too, perhaps?

Mei Lee appears to be 'Turning Red' whenever she gets too excited - which is nearly all of the time.

Chinese/Canadian director Domee Shi, who won an Oscar for the 2018 short film 'Bao', has directed the movie which will be set in Toronto, Canada. Lindsey Collins who has worked on Pixar greats such as 'WALL-E' and 'Finding Dory' is on board as producer.

This will be Pixar's 25th feature-length movie, and the first of two releases planned for 2022. 'Lightyear', a spin-off from the 'Toy Story' franchise and focussing on the origin story of Buzz Lightyear - this time voiced by Chris Evans - will be released in June.

Pixar's latest release is 'Luca', which is available on Disney+ right now.

Here's the first 'Turning Red' trailer for you.

'Turning Red' is scheduled for release in cinemas on March 11, 2022.