There's a moment in this clip when Steven Seagal gets lightly swatted by a dead-on punch by Mike Tyson that reminds us all of how far the former undisputed world heavyweight champion has gone.

Think back, if you will, to Tyson in his prime. The man would literally destroy highly-trained boxers in the most ruthless and efficient way possible in a matter of seconds. There's even a compilation of Tyson's greatest knockouts on YouTube that would turn your blood cold if you knew you had to step into the ring with him. He was a force of nature.

Now look at this clip and try to see if it's the same guy.

Meanwhile, Ukranian national security threat Steven Seagal has gone so far off the radar that he's even writing books about how the US government and the "Deep State" with a foreword written by Sheriff Joe Arpaio (that has about 90% of the Wikipedia article about him dedicated to how awful he is) and promoting totally not-shady in the slightest cryptocurrencies. Oh, and last not but not least, he's been accused by multiple women - including Portia DeRossi - of sexual misconduct and assault.

We haven't got to the film yet, have we? What's the point? Do we even need to go any further into how awful Steven Seagal is? Or how Mike Tyson's own issues with sexual assault and rape conviction? Nah, probably not.

'China Salesman' will probably never see the light of day in this country in a cinema and we can all be glad of that.