Ever wondered what life is like for a Google intern? Do they really just sit around all day surfing the web from bean bags, scarfing on the free Snickers cake and playing pool?

It was only a matter of time before Google, on their fast-track to total world domination, got their mits on a Hollywood movie. Having impressed us with Wedding Crashers, a film that didn't look like much at the outset but turned out to be comedy gold - Vince Vaughn getting a good seeing to under the dinner table was a particular highlight - the comic duo (Vaughn and Owen Wilson) have reunited for a movie that, from the get go, has piqued our interest. The Internship sees two recently laid-off men, both in their 40s, who land themselves internships at one of the most successful businesses in the world, Google. And, as you can imagine, they find themselves reporting to whizz-kids in their 20s and grappling with their fellow, far more capable interns. Can they go the distance? Doubtful, but we're sure we can expect a fair few laughs along the way.

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