The trailer has leaked for 'Rambo V' aka 'Rambo: Last Blood.'

'Rambo V: Last Blood' sees Sylvester Stallone return as the titular war veteran and action hero. Stallone penned the script with Matt Cirulnick.

The last time we saw John Rambo kicking ass was in the 2008 film 'Rambo.' 'Last Blood' is reportedly the character's final adventure.

In this instalment, directed by Adrian Grunberg, Rambo travels to Mexico to save a friend's daughter who has been kidnapped by the Mexican cartel.

A trailer for the film was shown at the Cannes Film festival in conjunction with a honorary career retrospective of Stallone.

At the festival, Stallone said of the new film:

“In every film, Rambo never goes home, he goes out the to the jungle or Afghanistan. In the new one, he does come home, but in a way he never arrives. He’s there, but he’s not. That’s what the whole story is built around. As soon as he walks outside his door, he has no more control. The world controls you.

“We pick it up, he’s out in this storm, a horrible storm. He’s trying to rescue people. There’s a flash flood. One guy goes up by horseback, he volunteers to save people. He’s still dealing with survivor guilt, b/c he could save his friends in Vietnam. A result of PTSD. He has a hard time. He has a beautiful ranch, but he lives underground. This is how he deals with his dilemma. There’s something subterranean in Vietnam. He has an adopted family there. His father has passed on. The housekeeper who is 70 has a granddaughter. He’s her surrogate father.”

You can watch the trailer below. Is it just us or is anyone else getting serious 'Unforgiven' vibes?

'Rambo: Last Blood' hits theatres on September 20, 2019.