At long last, the full trailer for the One Direction movie is now available to watch right here on As I said when I wrote a news piece about the 25 second preview clip we brought you last week, this will be my absolute guilty pleasure.

Whether you like them or not, whether you think they're five jammy little talentless sh*ts (they actually are quite good singers though so I'm not even sure I'll take that) it is an interesting story that almost overnight, they turned into worldwide superstars. How odd it must have been to go from being relatively unknown to having girls crying and screaming your name, to be known in some of the most far reaching corners of the globe, to have more money than you know what to do with it and to know that at any minute, something terrible could happen and it might all fall apart.

Sure, they're milking it for all its worth right now, but why not; wouldn't you? They seem like they know it may not last forever and as they proclaim in their hit song, they may as well live while they're young.

Out of interest, is there any of you out there who'd want to see this? It doesn't have to mean your a fully fledged 1D-4-Life fan, don't worry.