Although most people will know Idris Elba from the likes of 'Luther', 'The Wire', or even stuff like 'Pacific Rim' or 'American Gangster', the actor is now making the shift to directing with his first effort, 'Yardie'.

Based on the bestselling novel by Victor Headley, it tells the story of a young Jamaican man, played by 'Sense8' alum Aml Ameen, who arrives in London in the '80s with the task of simply delivering a shipment of cocaine to a local gangster played by Stephen Graham - but soon gets more than he bargained for and reconnects with a woman from his past, played by Noami Ackle, who broke out with an excellent turn in 'Lady Macbeth'.

If you're a fan of reggae or dancehall music, you're in for a treat as the soundtrack for 'Yardie' looks to have more than a few classics. The film also made headlines recently as Idris Elba proposed to his girlfriend, Sabrina Dhwore, before the cast-and-crew screening of it.

'Yardie' will be released in Irish cinemas on August 24th.