Those of you who've felt a hole in your heart (or chip in your funny bone, rather) since Sacha Baron Cohen's Bruno and Borat have moved out of the theatres and onto the DVD shelves should be pleased by this; there's a brand new slightly scripted, feature-length, prank-filled film on the way. But this is not the work of Baron Cohen, this is Bad Grandpa, from the Jackass folk. Johnny Knoxville, who found fame filming his high jinks for the popular TV show (the puke omelette sticks out in my mind in particular) has only gone and bagged himself another movie deal. This time though, it's all eyes on his Bad Grandpa character who, along with his on-screen grandson, cause more jaws to drop across America than Paula Deen's racial slurs.

We've got an exclusive on the trailer right here. Particularly cringeworthy is the Little Miss Sunshine parody towards the end, in which Bad Grandpa and the kid enter a beauty pageant, much to the disgust and terror of the other contestants and their parents.

Lolz will surely be had.