Woody Allen's no stranger to controversy, or indeed protests against some of his work - and while this might seem a bit different than others, it's the kind of thing that catches people's attention.

Two protestors stormed the stage of a jazz concert hosted by Woody Allen and his New Orleans Jazz Band in Hamburg, Germany and interrupted the performance. The two protestors were topless and had the opening lines from Dylan Farrow's 2014 letter -  in which she accused her father of sexual abuse - written on their bodies. The two women were quickly subdued and removed from the stage, and the performance continued.

A video of the incident has since surfaced online.

The women were not identified, however it's understood they were a part of Femen - who were leading a protest outside the event and said that they sought "not to spoil the evening, (but) to give the victims of sexual violence a voice."

Allen denied both his daughter and Mia Farrow's accusations of sexual abuse, in a 2014 op-ed piece which he said would be his "final word" on the matter. Allen has not publicly spoken about the accusations since then, and issued no statement after last night's event.


Via Variety