You really have to take a step back and realise just how utterly crazy the idea of a Top Gun sequel is - and it's most likely going to fail, but probably in the most spectacularly entertaining way imaginable.

A report by The Hashtag Show has it that the plot of Top Gun 2 - that's its title, by the way - will focus on an antagonistic relationship between Cruise's Maverick - who is now an instructor at the Top Gun school - and the son of his former co-pilot, Goose.

Originally played by Tony Edwards, Goose died in a mid-air accident that Maverick felt personally responsible for. According to THS' sources, Goose's son blames Maverick for the death of his father and arrives at Top Gun with the purpose of confronting him.

While the exact plot details haven't yet been revealed, casting notices have given some indication as to what the characters will be in the film. While there's no word on where Iceman, Slider, Merlin (that's Tim Robbins, by the way) or Hollywood will fit into the story, director Joseph Kosinski is looking to recruit actors who'll play pilots named Lucky, Kansas, Otter, Shotgun - and yes, the worst pilot name in the world - Drone. Like Drone Pilot.

Top Gun 2 is expected to take off for production in early 2018 and will (crash)land in cinemas on July 12th, 2019 - now get your butts above the hard deck and return to base immediately.