For anyone who has used Google this week - which should be just about all of you - you might've noticed yesterday's special Google point-and-click videogame to celebrating the 66th Anniversary of the reported Roswell incident. We've decided to celebrate it too, by talking about our top five Roswell related movies and TV shows. Enjoy!

Right after all of the city wide spaceships arrived to destroy all of America's landmarks, a discussion kicks up about where these guys came from and why we've never heard of them before. But, it turns out, we have… Sort of. One of their scout ships crash landed here back in the 40s, and scientists have been running tests of the spacecraft and the alien corpses found within ever since. Which, if you think about it, is probably why they decided to attack us in the first place.

Area 51 has always been a part of the Indiana Jones lore – especially since that's where they've been keeping the Ark Of The Covenant locked up all these years – but Crystal Skull kicks off in 1957 with Dr Jones forced to find the crate containing the corpse recovered ten years earlier from, you guessed it, Roswell New Mexico.

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are two nerdy best friends who are driving across America when they encounter Paul, an extra-terrestrial on the run from the government. Turns out Paul was the guy who crash landed in Roswell back in the day, and they've been using him to find out what he knows about advanced technology and, in one case, he inspires Spielberg to make the movie E.T.

Roger the Alien escaped Area 51 with the help of his new found family's patriarch Stan Smith, but in the 60-odd years since he's been here, he has developed a level of sarcasm and sexual depravity that manages to put us humans to shame. 

Being the show that it is, you might expect every second episode to have to do with Area 51 and Roswell, but very few of them actually did. This one-off episode, written and directed by Mulder himself David Duchovny, is one of the fan's favorites, telling the story of one of baseball's greatest players, who also happens to be a ….. three guesses where this is going.