Leonardo DiCaprio's career has seen him graduate from teen heartthrob roles such as 'Romeo + Juliet' to far more dramatic fare like 'The Revenant', 'Revolutionary Road' and even action blockbusters like 'Inception'.

Netting the first Oscar of his career three years ago with 'The Revenant', DiCaprio has had a diverse and rich career with many a scene-stealing performance.

The actor turns 45 today, so we're marking his birthday with a countdown of our five favourite scenes. Take a look.


5. 'TITANIC' - "I've got everything I need right with me here."

If ever there was a scene you could point to and claim it as a star-making moment, it's this scene here in 'Titanic'. It's a short enough scene and doesn't have anything on the special effects extravaganza that makes up most of the film's memorable moments, but it demonstrates just how easily confident DiCaprio was in front of a camera and how he was able to so effectively command an audience's attention.


4. 'CATCH ME IF YOU CAN' - "Relax, you're late."

Steven Spielberg's light-and-airy caper of a con-artist teenager stretches the bounds of incredulity at times, but it's never boring. DiCaprio plays Frank Abagnale, Jr. - a child of divorce who goes on the run and develops a method of forging cheques that he initially uses to survive, but soon becomes engrossed in the flamboyant lifestyle of '60's America. Hunting him is the equally-talented Tom Hanks, who gives a stellar performance as FBI Agent Carl Hanratty. DiCaprio puts his likeability and charisma to the test and comes off as the most likeable criminal you're likely to meet - exemplified by this scene in particular.


3. 'The WOLF OF WALL STREET' - "I have been a rich man and I have been a poor man, and I choose rich every time."

Martin Scorsese has reteamed with two actors again and again in his career. One was Robert DeNiro, the other is Leonardo DiCaprio. With 'The Wolf Of Wall Street', DiCaprio was every bit the vulgar capitalist and what's more, he looked like he was enjoying each and every scene he was in. In fact, DiCaprio made Belfort's life look so over-the-top, so disgustingly decadent and despicable, that it looked like fun. It was total fantasy, of course. Belfort was nothing more than a cheap hustler who was able to convince rubes and dullards to go along with him, but it worked because DiCaprio's performance was so electric, it was so easy to be carried along with it.


2. 'SHUTTER ISLAND' - "Do you know what she was afraid of? You."

DiCaprio's working relationship with Martin Scorsese has been fruitful. Like DeNiro, DiCaprio's performances are marked by true intensity and a commitment to each and every role. With 'Shutter Island', DiCaprio played an unhinged Federal Marshal, trapped on a rustic island-cum-mental asylum as he hunts an escapee. The film blends gothic horror with conspiracy thriller and DiCaprio's genuinely unsettling performance as Daniels is stunning - not to mention having one of the finest cinematic cliffhangers in recent years. This scene, however, is truly disturbing.


1. 'DJANGO UNCHAINED' - "What's it gonna be, Doc?!" 

Although it's somewhat common to see DiCaprio play an anti-hero, it's rare - only once, in fact - that he would play an out-and-out villain. 'Django Unchained''s Calvin Candie sees DiCaprio plays a sneering, menacing slave owner in 18th century America. Flamboyant and cunning, Calvin Candie is a pantomime villain and DiCaprio's performance was just as over-the-top as you'd expect. Not only that, DiCaprio's sheer commitment to each scene is apparent. He even split his hand open during a take, continued the scene and calmly picked the glass out of his hand towards the end of it. Hardcore, man. Hardcore. It even ended up in the film. Take a look.