With it being Hugh Jackman's birthday today, we're looking back over the actor's career and his broad assortment of roles across genres.

From straight-up action like 'Swordfish' to sweeping popular epics like 'Australia', Hugh Jackman's charisma and commitment has won over audiences through the years. We kick things off with...

5. 'The Greatest Showman' - "The Other Side"

There are plenty of great numbers in 'The Greatest Showman' but 'The Other Side' would be a stand-out for us. It proved to be the Hugh-Jackman-Zac-Efron- dancing-around-having-shots-duet we never thought we needed. The former Broadway star and 'High School Musical' graduate ended up making a great team while the bar-set choreography was marvellous.

4. 'The Prestige' - "Which knot did you tie?"

Christopher Nolan's work has often been concerned with the nature of reality versus the imagination, and while 'Inception' might have been the most literal examination of this - setting it inside dreams - 'The Prestige' worked up a fascinating story about magicians. Hugh Jackman here is a performance within a performance; an actor playing an actor playing a magician, who hides so much of himself either behind an accent or behind a story he has told himself. Here, in this scene, Jackman's character is stripped bare and racked with grief - but it doesn't play out with roaring wails. It's a small, quiet sequence where he can't even understand how it happened, and Bale's almost uncaring appearance doesn't help matters.

3. 'Prisoners' - "Don't. Follow. Me."

'Prisoners' is an overlooked masterpiece of American crime drama, and Hugh Jackman's haunting performance as the recovering alcoholic father whose daughter goes missing deserved far more recognition than it received. This scene, between Jake Gyllenhaal's emotionally detached detective and Jackman's broken father, captures the movie in a nutshell and does it in such a way that it has nothing to do with the story. Gyllenhaal's character is circling Jackman's, believing that he's taken the law into his own hands. But Jackman is so broken and so angry that he can barely contain himself. The dialogue flicks back and forth so effortlessly, but it's Jackman who captivates entirely.

2. 'Les Miserables' - "Bring him home!"

As much as 'The Greatest Showman' was a brash, accessible musical with the widest possible appeal, 'Les Miserables' is a cornerstone of the genre. Hugh Jackman's portrayal of Jean Veljean summoned up both the musical ability and the acting talent of Jackman to meet it. Tom Hooper's direction may not have won over everyone, but there's no denying that Jackman gave his all and this scene just showcases that effort.

1. 'Logan' - "Don't be what they make you..."

Without a shadow of a doubt, Hugh Jackman will be known for his many performances as Logan / Wolverine across the 'X-Men' franchise. Among all the great actors involved in it, Hugh Jackman was the one who defined it with his skill, intensity and raw talent. 'Logan' ranks not only as the greatest entry in the 'X-Men' franchise, but quite possibly one of the best comic-book movies ever made. Comic-book movies are defined by genre, and director James Mangold smartly understood this on a granular level and drew heavily on Westerns - particularly Clint Eastwood's 'Unforgiven' and even quoting 'Shane' in one scene. The finale, however, saw Logan facing the one thing he never could - his mortality.