They've become a regular occurrence of late, these little snippets at the top, middle or end of the credits. Not to be confused with End Credit Gag-Reels, where everyone laughs at each other's boo-boos, this is the film-maker forcing us to sit through ten or fifteen minutes of names of people who helped make the movie. We put ourselves through it for the hope of a glimpse of a teaser to see what's going to happen next. Sometimes they're amazing - there's a list of them coming up, remember? - and sometimes they're not so great - Iron Man 3's post-credit scene was cute, but essentially pointless. While we can't spoil one of the better ones of recent memory (seriously, hang about for the Fast & Furious 6 one!), we can spoil some of these older ones! So, yeah, SPOILERS!

In a film FILLED to the brim with every type of joke you can think of, naturally it was going to end on a high. The fact that the post-credits joke calls back to something that happened at the very start of the movie just makes it all the funnier.

The frankly far-too-erotic vision of Ben Stiller in a fat suit, covered in chicken grease, dancing to Milkshake, man-boobs in hand. Fatty did indeed make a funny.

The one that began them all - every Marvel movie has had one, or sometimes two, post credits sequence - and the one that got us thinking and dreaming that one day there might be an Avengers movie. Can you imagine??

Another nice callback to the beginning of the movie, the third Lethal Weapon movie began with Mel Gibson and Danny Glover accidentally setting off a bomb in a building because they were too impatient for the bomb squad to show up. And then this happens…

There's no point in trying to make sense of this, even if you have seen the movie, the whole situation is beyond a level of weird that can be described with words. So, we'll just let Napoleon's brother sing us a song instead.