To be fair to Tom Holland, if you were given a pair of webshooters and you play Spider-Man in a blockbuster movie, it seems only right you should put one of them in your bag and bring them.

After all, there are vast swathes of toys and action figures with your face on them, so why not keep a little souvenir for yourself? As Tom Holland cheerfully admits in that utterly disarming way in an interview with BBC Radio 1, he's pretty much a kleptomaniac on movie sets.

If it's not nailed down, odds are Tom Holland's going to try and tea-leaf it. When asked if he's stolen anything from a set that people didn't know about by a cute kid, Holland openly admitted to having a house full of stolen items from sets.

While you might think that's a pretty broad question, the final question was pretty spectacular - if for no other reason that Holland point-blank refused to answer it, even though he had a name lined up and ready to go. Logan asked Tom Holland who was the most disappointing person he met in Hollywood.

The question invariably now is who that might be? Given how he's in the Avengers and is likely to meet a far wider group of people, the answer could be almost anyone. Our guess? It's either Gwyneth Paltrow or it's Chris Pratt.

Take a look.