While the news of a Splash remake didn't exactly have the levels of outrage that the Ghostbusters reboot had, but it undoubtedly would have peeved off fans of the original. 

One person that's happy with the news though is the original's star, Tom Hanks. 

When asked about his thoughts on the remake, Hanks said: "Fantastic! Why not? Give it a shot!"

However he did express 'doubts' over Channing Tatum's desirability. 

"She's just got to love that guy," Hanks explained. "Channing Tatum? What a doof! But if she can find some reason to be attracted to him, I'm rooting for her."

In the gender swap remake, 22 Jump Street's Gillian Bell will play the Hanks role, who finds and falls in love with Channing Tatum's merman. 

Via Digital Spy