It's somewhat hilarious that Tom Hanks is starring in a movie about a sea captain getting into bother when A) he's done that before, and B) he actually wrote the script for this one.

'Greyhound' is based on the 1955 war novel 'The Good Shepherd', which was itself inspired by true events during World War II. The movie follows a US naval commander - played by Hanks, of course - who gets his first command in leading a convoy of merchant ships across the Atlantic during the height of World War II. Along the way, the men of the USS Greyhound are hunted by Nazi U-boats and have to battle to survive while getting the convoy to safety.

All in all, it looks and sounds like your standard World War II movie with the added bonus of Tom Hanks, Stephen Graham and some very earnest monologuing by all. Expect this to be exactly the kind of move your Dad is going to love and watch every other Christmas for 50 minutes before he conks out asleep on the couch with a mug of tea in his lap.

'Greyhound' hits Irish cinemas on June 12th.