If you're looking for an uplifting story to get you through hump day - it's time to take a seat.

Tom Felton, who played the spoiled-sport Draco Malfoy in 'Harry Potter' for all eight movies isn't the Slytherin at all. Turns out he's probably more of a Hufflepuff.

This heartwarming story about the actor has surfaced online, and it'll leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy. It'll also have you wishing you could sit in a theatrical production again.

Uploaded to Overheard Celebs on Instagram, the post reads: "Tom Felton at the theatre. Milk duds, man.

"Last Christmas, my mom, sister and I went to London. My dad had just passed from cancer, so we spent the holiday in his favorite city.

"We got tickets to a show and Tom Felton sat next to my mom. She had no idea who he was. Tom chatted with her for the entirety of the intermission.

"We left the theatre and my mom said 'that nice man offered me some milk duds, I love those.' My mom had felt invisible since losing my dad, but Tom really made her feel special."

Felton even responded to the post, saying, "I remember it vividly [love heart emoji]", while also clarifying that no, they weren't those American milk duds that he shared, but Maltesers.

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