Tom Cruise is just like fellow movie fans and couldn't wait to go see 'Tenet'.

The Hollywood star recently shared a video of going to see the latest from Christopher Nolan.

Cruise is currently shooting the seventh and eighth installments of the 'Mission Impossible' series back-to-back in London.

Shooting was recently deemed safe with a number of precautionary measures established for filming.

But it seems the hard-working actor took a day off, as did director Christopher McQuarrie.

They spent the day sneaking into a cinema to go see the first blockbuster theatres have had in months.

In the video Cruise shared, he is wearing a mask and being driven to a London cinema to see the movie.

He was recognised along the way by fans but seemed to be left alone once he was in his seat watching 'Tenet'.

You can hear the actor saying "I loved it!" when asked what he thought of the film.

The purpose of the vid seems to be promoting seeing movies on the big screen more than anything else.

At one point he says: "Great to be back in a movie theatre, everybody."

Plus he captioned his post "Big Movie. Big Screen. Loved it."

Cruise's next movie 'Top Gun Maverick' is due for release in December.

'Tenet' is showing in Irish cinemas from today.