Tom Cruise has garnered a reputation as the last major Hollywood star willing to risk life and limb for our entertainment, but now the Cruiser is taking it to the logical extreme - by going to space.

Universal Studios head Donna Langley told the BBC that plans for Cruise to head into space - which was first reported in 2020 - are picking up pace, with Langley revealing that Cruise could become the first civilian to carry out a spacewalk.

Langley told the BBC that Cruise plans to take a rocket up to the International Space Station.

Cruise and director Doug Liman, who has worked with Cruise on films like 'Edge Of Tomorrow' and 'American Made' pitched the film on Zoom during the pandemic.

Langley revealed the plot "actually takes place on earth, and then the character needs to go up to space to save the day," which is admittedly a better justification than "drillers are sent to space to blow up an asteroid".

The studio head also revealed that the plan is for Cruise to become the first civilian to carry out a spacewalk during his time at the station.

Cruise has developed a reputation for his death-defying stunts, with the star recently capturing headlines for casually dangling out of the cockpit of a World War One plane before it takes a nosedive.

'Top Gun Maverick' has become the runaway success of 2022, with the film smashing box office records and incredibly becoming Tom Cruise's most successful film of his career.

Cruise will next be seen on our screens in the next 'Mission Impossible' movie, with 'Dead Reckoning: Part One' hitting cinemas next July.

Cruise's trip to space doesn't have a launch date penciled in just yet, but knowing Cruise, he will probably demand to be hanging from the side of the rocket as it blasts off into space.