It's taken more than a few years, decades even, but cinema audiences will soon be ready to feel the need for speed as 'Top Gun 2' heads into production.

Tom Cruise posted the first photo from the set of the film, with original producer Jerry Bruckheimer back in the saddle with Cruise. Plot-wise, there's not much to tell and no synopsis has been released by Paramount as of yet, but early reports suggested that Maverick was back in the Fighter Weapons School as an instructor who has an antagonistic relationship with the son of his former co-pilot, Goose - played in the original by Tony Edwards of ER fame.

Realistically, where else are they going to go with it? Val Kilmer previously stated that he was approached to reprise his role as Iceman and there's every chance you might even see a few other familiars in there as well. Here's the photo from the Cruiser's own Instagram profile.



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'Top Gun: Maverick' lands in cinemas on July 19th, 2019. Now get your butts above the hard-deck and return to base immediately.