It's fair to say that, when he's on screen, Tom Cruise can get a little intense with his roles.

After all, he's normally leaping across the screen and out of a helicopter, and usually, the stakes in the story involve the end of the world, or how only he and his compatriots can save the day. This audio, however, sounds like the final few minutes of 'A Few Good Men' in terms of intensity.

According to the Sun, the reason for Tom Cruise turning into a ballistic cruise missile came when two crew members were not social distancing. As you'll hear in the audio, the bould Tom didn't take it well and threw a wobbler.

Have a listen.

So, why is he going nuts? The entire movie industry is effectively on its knees right now, and 'Mission: Impossible 7' was one of the first blockbusters to get back into action in the UK. Not only that, but you also have thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people out of work because of the pandemic.

Tom Cruise is a producer, and obviously has a lot of pressure on keeping the movie production going, hence why he's so adamant about the movie not shutting down. Indeed, Cruise even hired a cruise ship to keep the cast and crew in pod containment for a duration of this very production.

Obviously, shouting at people isn't on, but maybe people aren't taking social distancing and COVID measures properly at this stage of the game? We're all exhausted keeping to it, it's been nearly a year now, and there's a vaccine on the way so why wouldn't people slip?

So far, Cruise hasn't yet responded to the tape and neither has Paramount Pictures, the studio behind 'Mission: Impossible'. Currently, 'Mission: Impossible 7' is set for release in November of next year.