Tom Cruise is apparently being pursued by Summit entertainment to star in a big budget remake of 80s flick, Highlander.

The original saw a Spanish (!) Sean Connery and Scottish (!!) Christopher Lambert playing the mentor and warrior roles; it was solid box office success and resulted in a few sequels and even a (very European) TV series with Adrian Paul. Who seemed a little more Scottish, but not really.

Cruise would play a beefed up version of the mentor role that Connery played, with a younger star sought for the Connor 'The Highlander' MacLeod part. Ryan Reynolds was attached at a different point, but moved on.

Probably best remembered for an ace Queen soundtrack, it's a solid title and possible franchise that would benefit from a reboot.

Cedric Nicolas-Troyan is directing for the first time, having worked in special effects for the majority of his career.

Via The Wrap