'The Santa Clause' is a staple Christmas movie in most households and its star Tim Allen knows it. Thus he delighted his fans with a recent throwback to the holiday classic.

The movie sees Tim Allen play Scott Calvin who transforms into Santa after wearing the 'man in the red coats's suit and taking over his duties one Christmas Eve.

In spite his best efforts, over the next year, Calvin gains weight and magically grows a beard, taking on the physical appearance of Father Christmas.

Here's one of the film's most renowned scenes.


The actor shared a reference to the movie on Twitter, which also happens to be the ultimate "dad joke."

Sharing an image of his full beard, Allen wrote: "Woke up this morning and noticed a bit more stubble. This always happens to me as I transition to you no who this Christmas."


'The Santa Clause' had two sequels in 2002 and 2006, but nothing beats the 1994 original.