If ever you thought you had seen the end of the beautifully dome-shaped head of Bruce Willis fighting against both the overlords of evil and the clock, you thought wrong. According to Total Film, there is a Die Hard 6 screenplay in the making with Brit Ben Trebilcook at the helm. Die Hardest, as it is currently being referred to, is said to begin in New York before moving swiftly on to its main location, Tokyo.

Though it's unsure whether the new project will make it past production yet, the maker Trebilcook believes it will be a massive crowd-pleaser if it does't (*crossesfingers). Unlike many other film franchises that dwindle, he considers this plot to be as faithful as possible to the characters and style of the first film. Having come into contact with the consulting producer of A Good Day To Die Hard, Larry D. Webster, on his current film project Knockout, Trebilcook has only acquired the project of writing the treatment for Die Hard. This connection alone provides some hope for all Willis and Die Hard fans alike. As for who'll direct? We don't yet know.

If Willis and producer Alex Young can be persuaded, there is little else stopping them. Stating, 'I feel it could be the Rocky Balboa of the Die Hard franchise', Trebilcook may well make Willis the biggest comeback kid of all time. Stay tuned for more film murmurs coming soon.

So it's safe to say that you didn't think much of the last installment, will it be a case of sixth time lucky? Here's hoping, or oul Brucey will want to make a quick getaway.

Words: Aoife Ryan