A Marvel uber-fan has won a ticket to the premiere of the as-yet untitled fourth Avengers movie in 2019 - after he saw 'Avengers: Infinity War' 43 times at the cinema.

After cataloguing his 43 trips to the cinema to 'Infinity War' on Twitter, Nem was contacted by Disney who offered him a ticket to the premiere in May 2019 as a way of saying thanks for his support. Not only that, the man hasn't even stopped going to see 'Infinity War' just because of it.

 He's still going, and has logged three more trips to see the film since the news was announced. Not only that, Anthony and Joe Russo ended up following him on Twitter after the story began to do the rounds on US websites.

Speaking to Mashable, Nem has said that he's going for an "astronomical" number, so that nobody breaks his record any time soon. Really, what it all depends on is how long the movie remains in cinemas, and given that it's already broken box office records, it could very well be some time.

The untitled fourth Avengers movie arrives in cinemas on May 2019.