In a case of art imitating life, or maybe just really good studio campaigning, a key moment of 'A Star Is Born' has come to life in Los Angeles.

A billboard depicting Lady Gaga's character, Ally, can be seen at the Chateau Mormont on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, exactly like it appears in 'A Star Is Born'.

Most studios use 'For Your Consideration' marketing when it comes to movies they're pushing for awards season, with posters up around Los Angeles to remind Academy voters. This, however, seems more like it's viral purposes than anything else.

Already, countless tweets and videos have been posted and the poster has already become something of a landmark.

Take a look.

With the Golden Globes kicking off this week and Lady Gaga tipped to pick up the Best Actress (Drama) gong for her role in 'A Star Is Born', the billboard probably isn't going to hurt her chances.