Johnny Knoxville actually proved he could act ages ago believe it or not. Grand Theft Parsons is ace and was directed by Irishman David Caffery who went on to direct a heap of Love/Hate and Stan Lee's Lucky Man.

Anyhow, Knoxville recently headlined a buddy movie with Jackie Chan that was directed by the once mighty Renny Harlin (Die Hard 2, Cliffhanger), a helmer who was the Michael Bay of his day, but mostly threads in VOD territory nowadays.

The film is called Skiptrace and just opened in China to a staggering $62.2 million. That's more than the latest Star Trek at the US box-office. Its budget is just $60 million. 

Skiptrace will get a limited release in the US after premiering on DirecTV - no word on an Irish date yet. 

It looks like a fairly shite version of Midnight Run. But sure lookit.

Via Deadline