2016 has seen some truly horrific moments in popular culture.

The death of Leonard Cohen, Prince, David Bowie, Gene Wilder, Caroline Ahearne, Pete Burns, Robert Vaughn, Alan Rickman, Muhammad Ali - it's all really just piled up this year. Not only that, we also have to contend with the reality that Donald Trump is now the leader of the free world, too.

In short, 2016 has been annus horribilis for us all. We're now less than a month away from ending 2016, but it's still got one last sting in its tail. It has gifted us one of the worst titles for a film we've ever seen and, undoubtedly, one of the worst ideas for a film we have yet to hear.

The film is called Love In The Time Of Dick Pics and the plot has been described to Deadline as "a timely romantic comedy about the illusion of choice — and just how hard it is to find the right person in a sea of options that range from polite, to lewd, to nude."

Sony Pictures has signed on to produce the screenplay written by Nicole Larson, who previously worked on the new dramedy series This Is Us. We're guessing that Love In The Time Of Dick Pics won't be the finished title of the film, because there is no way on God's green and bountiful Earth that this is going to get made with a title like that.

If it does, we will live-stream ourselves eating a hat. We'll come back to this on the film's premiere.


Via Deadline