Those of you waiting on a Bourne reunion between Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass are about to be bitterly disappointed, it was all a rumour and it's not happening. Boo.

Variety tells us that Universal (the studio behind the original franchise and the new forthcoming one) have come out to quash the rumours started by Twitchfilm a few months back.

As per Universal, "there is nothing going on between the studio and Damon and Greengrass."

Guess we'll have to make do with the rebooted franchise, that'll see Jeremy Renner at the forefront.

Will he be a suitable replacement for Damon? Do you even want to see the franchise rejuvinated? Should they not just move on and make something else?

What's up with Hollywood repeating the same trilogies and franchises over and over with different tones and multiple directors,surely there's enough talent among them to dream up something entirely new, no?
Between this and Spiderman and all the Batman stuff, we'll be consuming the same stories year in year out for quite a while yet. Yawn.