There are times when it seems abundantly clear that satire is officially dead.

It might be a reality TV star becoming the US President, it could be said US President's press secretary retweeting an Onion article thinking it was real, it can be any number of things. In the continuing tradition of satire being officially dead, a Japanese fashion label decided to create an entire show inspired by homeless people.

Yes, just like in Zoolander when Mugatu came up with Derelicte.

N. Hoolywood presented the show at New York Fashion Week, with attendees sitting on mismatched chairs to give the idea that they're living outside. Again, this is not a joke and this wasn't done with a hint of self-awareness. In fact, the press blurb handed out at the show was even worse.

"As our designer traveled the cities of America, he witnessed the various ways in which people there lived on the streets and the knowledge they have acquired while doing so... His observations of these so-called homeless or street people revealed that them [sic] to be full of clever ideas for covering the necessities of life."

Here's a few tweets from the show itself, just to give you an idea of the hellish landscape that we are currently living in.




This entire fashion collection can dere-lick our balls, Capitan.


Via Cosmopolitan