Home Alone and the sequel, Home Alone 2: Lost In New York are childhood classics that couldn't possibly be replicated.

For one, Child Services would almost definitely take Kevin McAllister into custody. Leaving a child, home alone, while the parents are in Paris? Or Miami, as it was in the second one? No. Not in this climate.

However, director Chris Columbus did toy with the idea, albeit briefly, of an updated version.

In a recent interview, he noodled the idea of an adult Kevin McAllister and his son being in a similar predicament.

"This was talked about maybe 10 years ago - I don’t know, we were just having fun with it - and we said, 'What if Kevin is an adult and he has a kid?' But it was still Pesci and Stern - Pesci and Stern are still obsessed with this kid. They’re going to get his kid."

To be honest, it's not the worst idea we've ever heard? But again, what made Home Alone so great was that it very finely walked the line between outright sinister and slapstick.

Plus, they're kinda describing the plot to Panic Room, minus the Panic Room.

Except Macaulay Culkin is Jodie Foster and whoever they get to play young McAllister is Jodie Foster. They could get Chris Pratt to play the Panic Room.

In all seriousness, the threat of Home Alone reboot is quite real. When quizzed about it, Columbus said that a potential remake is  "a matter of a year or two or three years... it's going to happen, I don't know it's going to happen."

He didn't sound terribly jazzed about the idea, but we can understand why. It's of its time.

It's like when Robert Zemeckis said there'd be a Back To The Future reboot over his dead body. Quite literally as he had a clause of that magnitude written into his contract.

What do you think? Could a Home Alone sequel with an adult Kevin McAllister work?

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Via Uproxx