Pokemon has experienced an uptick in popularity since the release of Pokemon GO.

However, a live-action film based on Pokemon has been in the works for quite some time with a few attempts never getting off the ground in any kind of meaningful way. That, however, looks all set to change. It's been confirmed by Variety that Guardians of the Galaxy co-scribe Nicole Perlman and Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch have signed on to write a live-action Pokemon film based on Detective Pikachu, an upcoming game.

Perlman has a full dance-card at the moment, having also signed on to write the upcoming Captain Marvel movie with Brie Larson. Gravity Falls, meanwhile, continues apace at Disney Channel.

No director has signed up as yet, nor has any firm release date been set, but it does show just how popular Pokemon GO has been that they're now actively putting a film into the works.

Technically, of course, there already WAS a Detective Pikachu film made. You didn't here? Look at this.

If Danny DeVito doesn't get a cameo in the film, there is absolutely no justice in this world and we will disown this film right here, right now.

Make it happen, film people.


Via Variety