After the success of 'The Invisible Man', it's now looking like Universal's Monsters franchise will be moving in the same direction and with the same director.

Deadline is reporting that Leigh Whannell, who directed 'The Invisible Man', will take on 'The Wolfman' next and with Ryan Gosling as the titular character. It's understood that Whannell was initially reticent to take on the movie, but was convinced when Gosling was attached to star.

As for plot details, it's all in fog at the moment, with Deadline simply saying that Whannell is to write a treatment with previously announced screenwriters Lauren Schuker Blum and Rebecca Angelo turning it into a script. Previously, the early word was that 'The Wolfman' would take inspiration from Tony Gilroy's neo-noir thriller, 'Nightcrawler', and that looks like it's still the case.

It's still early days yet, and no release date or production start has been set, but expect this thing to be pretty special.