So while the rest of us have been busy tripping over ourselves to get close to the apparently flawless wonder that is Jennifer Lawrence, ever since her Oscar charm-fest, Jodie Foster decided she probably needed to be taken down a peg or two before all the positive feedback went to her head. Dih cheek!

Well nah, she was actually doing her a favour, and perhaps it's down to stalwarts like Jodie and the advice they share that keep young starlets like Lawrence and, er, Kristen Stewart in line. Fame can be quite the monster, y'know.

Foster directed the Oscar winning Jennifer Lawrence in The Beaver (sorry while we take a moment to be immature and laugh at the name, The Beaver... ah, that's better) and took no qualms in telling her where she was going wrong.

Speaking to Total Film, Lawrence said:

"What I like about working with an actress as a director is that she's not afraid of actors... People tip-toe around actors like they are emotional land mines, which is probably right, but I find that annoying because I want someone to tell me what I'm doing wrong... She was very blunt. She would just be like, 'Talk louder. Do this'. I like that a lot."

See? She's got humility, and modesty, which makes us like her even more.