While 'The Suicide Squad' is still showing here in cinemas, the movie has since gone to home release in the US and with that, comes the blooper reel.

As you'd expect with an action-comedy of this magnitude, there's plenty of enjoyably silly moments in the blooper reel. The real standout, however, appears to be none other than Flula Borg, who played Javelin in the movie and was subsequently killed off in the opening scene. If the blooper reel is anything to go by, they could have easily let him survive and he would have added a whole lot of hilarity to the rest of the proceedings.

Another key moment in the blooper reel features David Dastmalchian, who played Polka-Dot Man, getting hit in the junk by a pistol thrown by none other than Idris Elba. As groin injuries go, that's a pretty unique one. Other highlights involve Idris Elba getting his nose caught in a clapboard, people tripping over, Margot Robbie flubbing her lines, and John Cena getting intimate with a chopped-off finger.

Good family fun all round. Take a look.