The snap was probably one of the most dramatic endings of any comic book movie ever.

In case you need a reminder (you may have blocked it out due to trauma), 'the snap' consisted of Thanos snapping his fingers, after which half the universe was wiped out of existence.

It was a big moment for the Avengers and hugely emotional conclusion to 'Infinity War'. Our heroes had lost, and the fate of the world was unknown.

Well as it turns out, that key moment was almost pushed to 'Endgame', the 'Infinity War' sequel, instead.

'Infinity War' and 'Endgame' co-writer Stephen McFeely revealed the news to Empire.

“We had so much story in those early drafts of 'Infinity War' that, if anything, we thought we maybe shouldn’t do The Snap until the end of act one of 'Endgame',” McFeely said.

However, Marvel Studios CEO Kevin Feige was determined to have an ending that would really impact the audience.

He said: “We talked about that ending for years and years and years.

“It was the reason to adapt Infinity Gauntlet. What was the most shocking thing we could do? End the movie with The Snap.”

Fortunately, MCU fans don't have too much longer to wait to see what happened after the snap.

'Avengers: Endgame' hits Irish cinemas on April 25th.