While most people would readily put Andrea Corr with the Corrs, she also had something of a film career. In fact, Andrea Corr had a role in the film adaptation of Evita as Peron's unnamed mistress - and was even supposed to have a song in the film. Apparently, Corr was supposed to sing Another Suitcase In Another Hall - however Madonna stepped in and stole the song from her, which meant that Andrea ended up with just two minutes in the film. Corr then went on to star in The Boys & Girls From County Clare, an independent film with Colm Meaney and Bernard Hill about a group of trad players from Liverpool who travel to Co. Clare for a ceili competition.



Audiences will most likely known Colin O'Donoghue from Once Upon A Time, where he plays Captain Hook, or The Tudors, where he played Phillip of Bavaria against Jonathan Rhys-Meyers' Henry VIII. As well as this, the Louth native also starred alongside Anthony Hopkins in the 2011 horror, The Rite, where he played a priest who trains to become an exorcist under the tutelage of Anthony Hopkins - despite the fact that he's relatively skeptical about the whole religion thing to begin with. More recently, O'Donoghue was in the adaptation of the bestselling novel Carrie Pilby, where he starred alongside Nathan Lane, Gabriel Byrne and SNL's Vanessa Bayer.



Moore's career began - as many well-known directors do - in the field of commercials. His work on the Sega Dreamcast (remember those?) apparently so impressed 20th Century Fox that he was hired to direct Behind Enemy Lines with Gene Hackman and Owen Wilson on the strength of that alone. Moore went on to direct two remakes - Flight Of The Phoenix, with Dennis Quad and Hugh Laurie, and The Omen, with Liev Schreiber and Mia Farrow - before he directed the fifth Die Hard film with Bruce Willis. Just recently, Moore directed fellow Louth native Pierce Brosnan in techno-thriller I.T.



Although you might know him from Prison Break, Purcell was originally born and raised in Louth Village before his family moved to Australia in the '70s. As you'd expect, one of Purcell's first roles was in Home & Away, but before long, he was starring in the likes of Mission: Impossible 2, Equilibrium, and the infamous Blade: Trinity with Wesley Snipes, Jessica Biel and Ryan Reynolds. Since 2014, Purcell's had a recurring role in The Flash, and Legends Of Tomorrow as Heat-Wave.



Before she was cast as Luna Lovegood, Evanna Lynch reportedly sent a fan letter to JK Rowling and talked about her hometown of Termonfeckin - a name that Rowling loved so much she wrote back to Lynch. While she's most readily associated with Harry Potter, Lynch has now begun to branch out more into independent dramas, such as the critically-acclaimed My Name Is Emily and teen comedy GBF.



You can't really mention Louth without mentioning Pierce Brosnan. Granted, Brosnan himself considers Navan as his hometown, he was however born in Our Lady Of Lourdes Hospital in Drogheda, Co. Louth. Brosnan first came to prominence from the TV show Remington Steele, where he played the titular character. From there, you had Taffin (MAYBE YOU SHOULDN'T BE LIVING HEEEEEEEEEREEEE), spy thriller The Fourth Protocol with Michael Caine, Mrs. Doubtfire with Robin Williams and - of course - GoldenEye, which launched Brosnan as Bond. Like most actors post-Bond, pretty much every film he's done since then has been completely different. You had Roman Polanski's The Ghost Writer, the ABBA musical Mamma Mia, and pretty soon he'll be playing Not Gerry Adams in Jackie Chan's The Foreigner. Remember, he's NOT playing Gerry Adams. Not.