In the new trailer, we're given more of a backstory as to how Carol Danvers actually ended up in space - and more of a clue as to how she became Captain Marvel.

A lot of the trailer is dedicated to Danvers and Samuel L. Jackson's youthful Nick Fury, which fans will be happy to see. We also catch a glimpse of Jude Law's mysterious character for a brief moment.

The second trailer for 'Captain Marvel' released during the halftime of Monday night football in the States, which seems to be the place to drop new trailers these days.

When word spread that they'd be seeing a new look at 'Captain Marvel,' fans waited in agony.

But the trailer has caused quite the stir online, and the reaction has been very positive. We even got to see an extended version of the old lady from the bus scene, who's definitely not an old lady on a bus.

However, the story of Danvers is only heading in one direction, and everyone knows it.

'Captain Marvel' releases in March 2019.