Leaving aside the poor box office results from Blade Runner 2049, the question has to be asked whether or not anyone really wants a sequel.

One of our biggest complaints with the film was that as beautiful and well-meaning as it was, it didn't make a convincing enough argument for its existence - the original Blade Runner didn't need a sequel, basically. The sequel has pretty much left itself open for another one, what with Mackenzie Davis and the army of replicants ready to rise up against Niander Wallace, however that apparently wasn't the intent of co-screenwriter Michael Green.

In an interview with EW, Green made it plain that he was absolutely uninterested in setting the film up for another one. "So many studios and property rights holders have seen the success of Marvel, which we all adore and wonder how to replicate it. For me, the lesson of Marvel is: you don’t begin by building a universe." Was that a dig at Universal's Dark Universe?

Green goes on, saying that "if it is a great story directed well and performed brilliantly and stays with people, it will become the black hole around which a galaxy can form. If you begin by trying to build the universe before creating a film worth watching, well, there be dragons. At no point in the creation of this story or script did anyone talk about spin-offs or how might things continue. It was always: what’s our story and make sure you have a story that is worth the title."

That's all well and good of course, but there's absolutely no denying the reality that if Blade Runner 2049 was performing better, a sequel would be kicked into production almost immediately. Sure, Ryan Gosling's character may be dead at the end of the film - Green was "surprised to find out that anyone thought he didn’t die" - but he's a replicant, and there's every chance his character can be cloned again or a new one can be written.

The world created in the first one was so rich with detail that there could be sequels upon sequels for it. What made it so special was that there wasn't. In our opinion, if there are to be sequels - and this is one of the few times where we really hope there isn't - it's going to have the effect of cheapening the first one.

So, over to you. Do you want a sequel to Blade Runner 2049 or should it end where it is? Let us know in the comments!


Via EW