If you've never seen Singaporean martial arts masterpiece The Raid, you're missing out on one of the most electric, over-the-top action films of the past twenty years.

Think John Carpenter's Assault On Precinct 13 if it was directed by John Woo during his Hard-Boiled days and you're on the right track. Even that, however, doesn't really capture just how insane the film gets in part - and it certainly doesn't cover Berendal either.

At any rate, following The Raid 2: Berendal, there were all sorts of rumours flying around about what Evans would do next. As we previously reported, his first widely-released English language film Apostle is now entering post-production and his next film will be none other than DC Comics' very own Deathstroke.

The character was originally supposed to appear in The Batman, when Ben Affleck was behind the camera. However, since Matt Reeves has taken over, the original script has been tossed out and replaced with something completely different - which, in turns - means that a Deathstroke solo movie is now on the cards.

No official details have been released yet, and none of this is confirmed as happening - however TheWrap's source on the story believes that Evans is in early talks to write and direct the film, with no release date slated as of yet.

So, thoughts? Considering DC is pretty blasé about chopping and changing release dates, don't expect this one any time soon. Ever since we first saw The Raid, we've always wondered what Gareth Evans would do with a real, Hollywood budget - and Deathstroke seems like a perfect fit. Not only that, if he's given the latitude and the creative freedom to do what he wants - especially with a hard R rating - then he can really do something special.

We'll just have to sit and wait.


Via The Wrap