In some not so shocking news, there will be a sequel to the fantastic Indonesian action flick, The Raid.

The director, Gareth Evans was in Dublin recently for JDIFF, and I had a long chat with about the film and proposed sequel and remake. He was actually extremely excited about both, and news has surfaced now that he'll apparently have 100 days of physical shooting and a much larger budget for the follow-up. The plan is then to move back and forward from shooting movies in Indonesia and Hollywood - who have naturally have come calling after seeing his spectacular film. There's no way a remake will scale the same heights of insanity, but Evans was still curious to see what type of film could be made with a huge budget and crew. 

The Raid is mental - in the most brilliant way possible. Not official Irish release is set yet, but it won both the critic and audience award at JDIFF and deservedly so. My movie of the year so far.