A big fancy Hollywood producer-type was visiting Limerick recently and eyeing it up as a possible location for his next movie. 

Philip Lee, who produced the The Dark Knight and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, was recently in Limerick to scout for locations ahead of filming a new multi-million dollar action movie. Inversion, which is his next project, is believed to have a budget of around $120 million, and imagines what fate would befall earth if the planet were to lose its gravity.

Scott Waugh (Need for Speed) will be the director of the movie, and it seems that they are looking at the old Dell factory as a location. Limerick City and County Council are believed to be looking at a deal to buy the premises and turn it into a movie studio, and according to Independent.ie, the talks are at a "delicate stage". 

It's hoped that the visit from Lee and other producers in recent weeks will help to speed up the process, and showcase that the project will be viable. A big investment like this could turn Limerick into the Hollywood of Ireland, with new shops and services opening up to help cater for all the big movie folks coming to town.

Local children could even be cast in lead roles in the movies that film there. 

We just hope they remembered to hit those visiting producers with the new leaving town tax to help raise money for the purchase of the building, which is expected to cost up to €10 million.

 Anyway, being the insider types that we are, we have an exclusive sneak peek at the final, climactic scene of the movie.

Honest question readers, was that too many Simpsons jokes? Is there even such a thing?

Via Independent.ie