'The Princess Diaries' is now twenty years old, if you can believe it.

Released by Disney in summer of 2001, 'The Princess Diaries' featured a fabulous performance from the, at the time, semi-retired Julie Andrews, and made a star of Anne Hathaway.

It's hard to believe that Liv Tyler was the front runner for the lead role of Mia Thermopolis, with other names being considered including Reese Witherspoon, Alicia Silverstone, Kate Hudson, and Drew Barrymore.

Anne Hathaway previously spoke to us about how the coming-of-age feature was really the kick-off point for her career.

The movie follows a high school student who finds out from her grandmother, Clarisse Renaldi (Andrews), that her family actually comes from royalty.

Clarisse is herself the reigning Queen of Genovia, a small Eurpoean country, while Mia is a princess.

Now that Mia has come of age, it is time for her to take on her royal duties. But the teenager has doubts that she can handle it.

Test how well you remember the modern classic below.

You can watch 'The Princess Diaries' on Disney Plus.

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