As we reported yesterday, the title for the third and final outing of Hugh Jackman's Wolverine now has a title - Logan - and it now has a tone statement from director James Mangold.

Those who watched The Wolverine noted that it was really edging itself toward a much more adult tone. It didn't work because, well, it went through a ton of rewrites and when you consider that Mangold was brought on to replace Darren Aronofsky, you just knew you were getting something really cool, but half-formed.

This time around, it's James Mangold from the get-go and, what's more, it's going to markedly different from previous X-Men films and comic-book movies in general. In a Twitter posting, Mangold showed a page from the screenplay of Logan that specifically referenced how the film is going to handle major fight sequences and the like.

As the descriptor in the script reads, "people will get hurt or die when shit falls on them. They will get just as hurt or just as killed if they get hit with something heavy like, say, a car."

If that wasn't enough, an insider report from The Wrap gives further details on the story and, quite honestly, it's pretty damn rough. Don't read on unless you really want to know about the film.




Still here? Good. So, according to The Wrap's insider, the film is set in 2024 and mutant births are becoming more and more rare - sort of like Children Of Men. A US government program, known as Transigen, is turning the few mutant children remaining in agents - or basically killing machines.

The little girl in the poster which was revealed yesterday has a similar ability to Logan; she has two claws instead of his three. Moreover, Wolverine / Logan has pretty much lost most of his healing factor and is using alcohol to suppress the pain. Professor X, meanwhile, is beginning to lose his mind and appears to be suffering from dementia. A younger mutant, played by Stephen Merchant, is caring for him and has the ability to sense mutants from far away.

We've checked iMDB and Stephen Merchant is listed in the cast, albeit without a specific name attached to him.

Parts of the story sound like the House Of M storyline; fewer mutants, Professor X gone mad / missing, but what's interesting is that none of it sounds like the actual Old Man Logan storyline. Either way, it sounds like an interesting finish to the character before the eventual reboot a few years later.

Let us know what you make of it all in the comments!


Via The Wrap